EnviroVeg Platinum

EnviroVeg Platinum is a voluntary Program which builds on the highly-successful EnviroVeg Program. Growers seeking additional recognition for their practices are now able to have their practices verified by an independent party and can access exciting new rewards under the Scheme.

AUSVEG has teamed up with leading retailer Coles to deliver the Scheme and participating growers will have access to use the EnviroVeg logo in their business. Coles are also teaming up with AUSVEG to deliver enhanced promotional recognition for the Program in its regular customer communications.
Coles General Manager of Corporate Affairs Mr Robert Hadler officially launched EnviroVeg Platinum at the 2013 AUSVEG National Convention


Signing up to the Program

Australian vegetable growers who would like to sign up to EnviroVeg Platinum can do so by contacting the AUSVEG Environment Coordinator on (08) 8221 5220 or email andrew.shaw@ausveg.com.au

EnviroVeg Platinum documents

The sections below contain documents outlining the rules of EnviroVeg Platinum, key criteria and requirements and advice on implementing the Scheme on-farm.

EnviroVeg Platinum Rules and Membership levels

The Rules and Membership Levels document outlines the rules and responsibilities of participation in EnviroVeg Platinum as well as the rewards available to Australian vegetable growers for participation in the Scheme.

Click here to download the Rules and Membership Levels document.

EnviroVeg Platinum Auditor's Checklist and Self Audit Checklist

The Auditor's Checklist and Self Audit Checklist outline the key criteria that vegetable growers must meet to be compliant with EnviroVeg Platinum. The new scheme requires a step up in record keeping and monitoring of environmental performance and these key documents outline the record keeping requirements participating growers need to maintain. The Auditor’s Checklist is the document that independent auditors will use to assess compliance of a business, while the Self Audit is intended to be used as a checklist to determine whether growers are ready to submit themselves to audit under EnviroVeg Platinum.

Click here to download the Auditor's Checklist and here to download the Self Audit Checklist.

EnviroVeg Induction Package

The Induction Package contains all the necessary information and templates to help EnviroVeg Platinum growers implement the Program. The package contains comprehensive instructions on how to meet the record keeping and other requirements of the Scheme.

Click here to download the Induction Package.

Further information on EnviroVeg Platinum

For further information on the EnviroVeg Platinum scheme please contact the AUSVEG Environment Coordinator on (08) 8221 5220 or email andrew.shaw@ausveg.com.au