Helping Consumers Buy More Vegetables

Most consumers know they should eat more vegetables and want to but 80% of Australians under-consume and 70% of these under-consumers consider them to be hard-work and a risky purchase.

There are many barriers that stop them buying vegetables, or which limit what they do buy. This understanding is derived from several studies including one that tracked behaviour of 300 under-consuming households over a four week period. It has built a detailed understanding of the barriers to consumption and more importantly what can be done to remove those barriers.

It is clear that many of these barriers can be removed by building consumer confidence and perceptions of ease in the selection, storage, preparation and cooking of vegetables so that they feel more inclined to add vegetables to their shopping list and explore the category. This has been proven in a longitudinal intervention study with low vegetable consuming households, where the learnings were applied and achieved a 50% increase in volume of vegetables consumed. Encouragingly the vast majority of these households said they’d keep up the changes they made; resulting in potential long-term change in 1 in 3 under-consuming households.

These learnings are now available in one concise set of research findings and guidelines which are downloadable from this page.

This material is open to all in the vegetable supply chain and it is designed to be for:
• Growers who wish to share it with, or jointly produce tools and tips, with their supply chain partners.
• Vegetable retailers who would like use the information to engage with vegetable shoppers in store.
• A marketer/ promoter of produce who would like to use this information in product promotional material
• Those involved in healthy living initiatives who sees a role for this information in educational activities.

 Addressing Consumer Needs


This project is funded by Horticulture Innovation Australia Limited using the National Vegetable Levy and funds from the Australian Government.