Discussion Papers

The following discussion papers have been written by industry contributors, including industry economic specialists, but do not necessarily represent the views of AUSVEG. They are published for the information of vegetable levy payers.

17-3-2016 Discussion Papers Partial Factor Productivity within the Australian Vegetable Industry
25-11-2015 Discussion Papers Analysing Australian vegetable growers' financial performance by farm size
27-02-2015 Discussion Papers Analysing vegetable growers' financial performance by state
28-01-2015 Discussion Papers Exporting Australia's vegetable to the Middle East & Asia
20-02-2014 Discussion Papers 
Costs of production for Australian vegetable growers 2014
04-09-2013 Discussion Papers 
Australian Vegetable Export Opportunities 2013
28-02-2013 Discussion Papers 
Industry issues drawn from data collected by ABARES in 2012 from Australian vegetable growing farms
03-01-2013 Discussion Papers 
Vegetable import data and the implications for the Australian vegetable industry
03-01-2013 Discussion Papers 
Levy Vegetable Values 2010-2011
17-07-2012 Discussion Papers 
Sourcing of vegetables by Asian economies
15-02-2012 Discussion Papers Impact of Exchange Rate Movements on Vegetable Imports
15-01-2012 Discussion Papers Deterioration of the Vegetable Industry's Financial Performance
15-11-2011 Discussion Papers Opportunities for Vegetable Growers in the Carbon Tax Package
15-09-2011 Discussion Papers Economic Analysis of Carbon Tax Implications for Vegetable Growers
16-03-2011 Discussion Papers Pricing, Cost Structures, and Profitability in the Australian Vegetable Industry
14-12-2010 Discussion Papers The Northern Myth
23-07-2010 Discussion Papers Comparison of Production Expenses of Vegetable Farms in Australia and the USA
06-07-2010 Discussion Papers Management Practices on Australian Vegetable Farms

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